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Custom Replacement Windows and Doors in The South Carolina Lowcountry

A home isn’t a home without windows and doors. A door is more than just an entryway. Windows are more than a way to let in the fresh air. With the right style and color, your choice of replacement windows and replacement doors can really make a bold statement. They can also add significant value to your home, and therefore are a great investment in window installation and custom windows replacement in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, SC, and surrounding areas.

Muhler has it all when it comes to doors and windows. We have a variety of doors (aluminum clad bi-fold, custom entry, fiberglass) and house windows (custom-built, energy-efficient windows, impact-resistant, mahogany) to suit all of your needs. We also carry many of the best brands such as Sierra Pacific, Jeld-Wen, Lepage Millwork, Bildau & Bussmann. Here are some of the available choices from Muhler’s windows and doors.

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Improve the efficiency of your home with new house windows from Muhler. The perfect home window replacement can change the look and improve the efficiency of your home. If your house windows and doors are in poor condition and affecting your electricity bills each month, it may be time to consider replacements. If your Charleston house windows are older and are showing signs of their age, replacement windows are a great way to improve your home’s appearance. If your doors are in bad repair, that can greatly affect your home’s overall appearance. Are you looking to add more value to your home? All the more reason to purchase new house windows and doors.

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Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows can help protect your family and home in a storm. More importantly, purchasing vinyl windows will help to strengthen the integrity of your home. During a hurricane, impact windows are designed to remain intact even when cracked. Rather than glass shattering across the floor, impact windows will hold the shards of glass within the interlayer. We offer Vinyl windows from All American Window Company (AAWC), Jeld-Wen, PGT, Viwinco, and Sierra Pacific.
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Sierra Pacific Windows

Sierra Pacific windows are made with high-quality, select woods that protect against moisture and insects. The finishes on these house windows have greater surface hardness, scratch resistance, and color retention. To improve energy efficiency and reduce seal failures, the insulated glass uses the revolutionary No-Metal TrueWarm® Edge polymer structural foam spacers.

Jen-Weld Windows


Jeld-Wen is one of the largest manufacturers of windows in the U.S. Jeld-Wen has a large portfolio of window options across styles such as awning, casement, single-hung, double-hung, bay, bow, and more. They also have a variety of window frame material options such as vinyl, aluminum, and wood. If you are interested in replacing your windows and doors, look no further than Muhler.


All of Our Products are Designed to be Durable, Energy-Efficient, and to Withstand Lowcountry Winds and Weather.

All American Storm Jamb Windows™ Protection System
available from Muhler

Storm Jamb windows are patented and manufactured by All American Window Company. This window system, with built in hurricane protection, is a market disruptive, code-compliant, and economical method of protecting windows during a storm. These windows provide homebuilders with a window that doesn’t require any additional labor or another subcontractor to install aftermarket storm protection is a cost saving alternative. Additionally, Storm Jamb windows eliminate aftermarket storm anchors from penetrating the framing around the window or weather resistant barrier (WSB) helping to eliminate water intrusion and costly callbacks. Storm Jamb windows allow fast and easy deployment of code-compliant protective panels. Storm Jamb windows meet the provisions of the 2020 IRC, and its attachment system are non-corrosive. Decorative removable Cover Strips are factory installed on the Storm Jamb window and aesthetically conceal the attachment points. The Storm Jamb window is also available with impact glass for harder to reach windows.



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Custom Windows

Are you looking for a particular style of custom windows? Muhler’s has a variety of styles and colors to choose from. We carry some of the best brands such as Sierra Pacific, Jeld-Wen, LePage Millwork, and Bildau & Bussmann. If, however, we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we also offer custom windows to fit almost any budget. We also offer a variety of styles of doors, from aluminum clad bi-fold, custom entry to fiberglass.

Built specifically for each customer, LePage Millwork products are custom-made according to each project. Every sash is built using solid wood. The materials and assembly techniques are what make LePage Millwork Windows and Doors a sound investment.

LePage Millwork’s exquisitely crafted custom windows and doors are made of top quality and the highest performing materials. LePage is known for its vast range of custom capabilities. Built specifically for each customer, LePage allows your imagination to run wild with products available in custom sizes, custom shapes, and special units such as this bi-folding wood window.

LePage Windows and Doors offer long-term performance and give your home that special distinction it deserves. Wood products include Casements, Awnings, Double Hungs, French and Patio Doors as well as Architectural Windows. Add charm and value to your home with LePage Windows and Doors.


Our Team of Professionals Can Help You Design the Perfect, Cost-Effective Solution for Your Home.


Custom & Replacement Windows

Fiberglass Doors

Beautiful Aurora Custom Fiberglass Doors from Jeld-Wen feel and look like solid wood. These doors will consistently stand up to any climate year after year. Woodgrain finishes and paint colors are available to enhance and customize the look of your door. Jeld-Wen Fiberglass doors are the most unique doors available today and come with a 5-year limited finish warranty.

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Wood Entry Doors

Every Custom Wood exterior door by Jeld-Wen is a unique design with artistry and craftsmanship like no other. Enhance the beauty of your home with style and individuality. Jeld-Wen Custom Wood doors are created in a wide array of operating styles, sizes, exterior color, finishes, and decorative options for a customized masterpiece.

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Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors are an excellent solution for spaces that need a wide, unobstructed opening. This unique door design allows multiple sash panels that fold to either side, one side, or they can be divided in any combination and stacked up against both sides creating a wide opening without any interruption. These doors provide warmth and character with numerous exterior cladding colors as well as painted or stained wood interiors.


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Our Customers

Brandi Sayers

Ours was a large project – 54 hurricane rated windows and 2 entrance ways . . . . The installation crew was considerate of our home and cleaned-up where they had been working each day.

Jan Burleigh

We would highly recommend Muhler! We had a window that was leaking and needed to be replaced. Muhler was the only company out of 5 I called that would do just an individual window.

Kenneth Robinson

Great job on window replacement. Muhler even help retrofit existing windows to match (went above and beyond to assure I was satisfied). Their customer service was excellent.


All of Our Products are Designed to be Durable, Energy-Efficient, and to Withstand Lowcountry Winds and Weather.

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