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Replacement and Custom Windows & Doors in the Lowcountry

A house can’t function properly if its windows and doors don’t work properly. Doors serve other purposes besides just letting people in. Ventilation is only one of the numerous functions of windows. Your home’s look will improve considerably with the right window and door replacement in James Island style and color scheme. As a bonus, they’re a smart investment that will enhance the look and energy efficiency of your home.

Aluminum-clad, bi-fold, and bespoke entry doors, as well as custom-made, energy-efficient, fiberglass and hardwood windows, are all available from Muhler. We carry a large number of reputable brands in addition to Sierra Pacific. Our company offers the following window and door replacements in James Island:


Additionally, new windows enhance a home’s visual appeal and energy efficiency. Windows and doors may need to be replaced if they are affecting your monthly energy expenditures. If your present windows are showing signs of wear and aging, window replacement in James Island might be an excellent option for raising the visual value of your home.

Your home’s curb appeal is closely connected to the condition of your doors. If you choose us for windows and doors replacement in James Island, you’ll be enhancing the value of your home.


Vinyl Windows

In the case of a storm, vinyl windows can protect your family and house. Improve the structural strength of your home by installing storm-resistant impact or vinyl windows. Impact-resistant panes contain glass fragments rather than dispersing them throughout the house.

Sierra Pacific Windows

Pest and moisture resistant wood is used in Sierra Pacific windows. When it comes to durability, color retention, and long-term usage, these window coverings exceed the competition hands out. Using a special combination of polymers and foam, TrueWarm® Edge products can improve energy efficiency and prevent seal failures.

Jen-Weld Windows


Awning windows are a popular choice among Jeld-Wen customers. Double-hung, casement, and bow-shaped windows are all available. Vinyl and wood windows, as well as aluminum and stainless steel frames, are offered. Replacement windows in James Island for homes and businesses are available right here.
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Custom-made windows are a great way to express your own style. There is a vast range of color and design options available to you. Jeld-Wen, Bildau & Bussmann, and Sierra Pacific are just a few of the well-known manufacturers with which we work. Style, design, and quality are the only limits to what we can do. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our stock, we can make something specifically for you. When it comes to doors, some of the options you have include aluminum-clad and bi-fold.
LePage Millwork sashes are custom designed from solid wood for each customer and project and tailored to meet their needs. The high-quality components and thorough construction processes employed in our window replacements in James Island make them a worthwhile investment.


All of Our Products are Designed to be Durable, Energy-Efficient, and to Withstand Lowcountry Winds and Weather.


Fiberglass Doors

Jeld-Aurora Wens’ fiberglass doors provide a striking look and feel. You can count on these door solutions for many years to come, regardless of the weather. Woodgrain coatings and colors can be used to enhance and customize the look of a door. Jeld-Wen Fiberglass doors have a 5-year finish warranty, making them preferable to other door options.

Wood Entry Doors

In terms of wood door replacement in James Island, no one beats Jeld-exterior Wen’s products. Making your home’s exterior unique is a great way to make it stand out from the crowd. Jeld-Wen Custom Wood doors are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and finishes, ensuring that your property will look its best.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors, one of the greatest choices available, can provide wide and unrestricted access. They have sash panels that can be folded to the left or right, making this door more versatile. There are a wide variety of ways to make a continuous entry into your house, including both-side stacking. These doors are made unique by the color and finish of their exterior cladding and the wood they are made from. With us, you can find a truly unique doors for your James Island residence.


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LePage Millwork windows and doors are built to last. The company prides itself on being able to customize its products and services. You’ll be able to show off your own sense of style thanks to the variety of alternatives available.

The James Island window and door replacements in James Island will not only improve the energy-efficiency of your home, but they will also improve the aesthetics. Many different types of wooden window components can be found in architecture, such as casement or awning window styles as well as double hung and French doors. Your home’s worth will rise and its appearance will improve if you install new bespoke windows.

Choosing to deal with us ensures that you’ll receive only the best products and services available. For more details about our superior, window and door replacement in James Island please call Muhler via this Contact Us form or call us at 843.572.9727 and we will help you with all the details and services you need.


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Brandi Sayers

Ours was a large project – 54 hurricane rated windows and 2 entrance ways . . . . The installation crew was considerate of our home and cleaned-up where they had been working each day.

Jan Burleigh

We would highly recommend Muhler! We had a window that was leaking and needed to be replaced. Muhler was the only company out of 5 I called that would do just an individual window.

Kenneth Robinson

Great job on window replacement. Muhler even help retrofit existing windows to match (went above and beyond to assure I was satisfied). Their customer service was excellent.


All of Our Products are Designed to be Durable, Energy-Efficient, and to Withstand Lowcountry Winds and Weather.

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