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If you live in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, or other parts of the Lowcountry, you know that every minute matters when it comes to storm and hurricane preparation. Protect your family and your home with maximum storm protection built to withstand hurricane-force winds from hurricane shutters to shields to windows and panels.

At Muhler, we carry many storm protection solutions, including accordion hurricane shutters, impact-resistant windows, storm panels, storm stud attachment systems, fabric shields, hurricane windows, and much more. Don’t wait until the last minute! Contact us today for a free storm protection evaluation. Our team of experts can recommend the right storm protection for your home at the right price.

Storm Trim™ Protection System

Storm Trim™ was developed and patented by the Muhler Company and is a revolutionary code compliant and economical new way of protecting windows during a storm. Storm Trim can be put on any window, any door, garage door, any opening. Storm Trim meets the provisions of the 2015 IRC and features non-corrosive attachment points. Decorative removable Cover Strips are factory installed on the Storm Trim. Cover Strips aesthetically conceal the Storm Trim attachment points. When installing the protective panels, remove the cover strips and replace them after the winds subside. Storm Trim allows for fast and easy installation of code-compliant protective panels. No additional time or labor is needed to passcode once Storm Trim is installed and protection panels are stored on site. Storm Trim eliminates the need to offset shutters for permanent anchor attachments and the need to address various siding conditions when installing other anchors.


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Impact Resistant Hurricane Windows

A hurricane window can help protect your family and home in a storm. During a hurricane, a broken window can affect a home’s structural integrity. Impact hurricane windows and patio doors are designed to resist damage from impacts so, even if the glass cracks, the fragments will adhere to the interlayer, so the shards remain within the frame.

Hurricane Shutters

Protect your investment during storms with Accordion Shutters. Alutech’s Accordion Hurricane Shutters provide maximum storm protection because they are built to withstand hurricane-force winds. They have a unique, interlocking folding blade system, designed to cover large spans and fold away as to not obstruct views. Muhler supplies Alutech’s Accordion Shutters.

Hurricane Rated Storm Panels

Hurricane Rated Storm Panels are an affordable way to protect your home during a storm. Storm Panels are very versatile and can accommodate any opening in your home. Our factory-certified installers install the Storm Panels and all panel systems can be deployed from the inside or outside. All storm panels are corrugated and fit into each other during deployment. Storm Panels are easy to store and take up less space than traditional plywood.

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