How to Choose the Right Storm Protection Solution for Your Home

May 1, 2022 | Storm Protection

When you live in a part of the country subject to potentially destructive storms, you’ll want to ensure your home is protected as much as possible. Even if you live in an area that doesn’t see truly powerful tornadoes or hurricanes, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions. Here, you will learn the finest storm protection solution for your home. 

Why Should You Purchase Home Storm Protection Products?

It’s a good idea to have home storm protection for many reasons. For starters, you will sleep better at night knowing that your family and property are safe from any storms that may come through the city.

Another reason is that it can increase the value of your home. When people want to move out of their homes or apartments, they look at what they get for their money. If they see that you have invested in something like storm protection, they will think highly of the house and know it was well taken care of

Home storm protection can also help reduce insurance rates. Several insurance companies offer discounts if you have certain types of coverage, including storm protection systems. You could save money on your premiums by installing a system like this on your home or business property.

Ways to Choose the Right Storm Protection Solution

Storms can be devastating and can leave behind a lot of damage. However, choosing the proper protection solution can protect your house from storms. Here are options to choose from to have the right one for your home.

1. Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are hurricane shutters that open and close horizontally, like an accordion. These shutters are often made of polycarbonate or metal, and they can be installed on your windows to protect them from storms, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. 

Additionally, they may look like ordinary blinds or shades, fit a home’s architectural details, and are compatible with key locks to ensure the home’s security.

2. Roll Down Shutters

Roll Down Shutters are designed to withstand the worst nature has to offer because they are made of solid aluminum, corrosion-resistant material. 

Also, they are great alternatives and replacements to traditional doors and windows because they are resistant to water damage caused by flooding. Lastly, they provide high levels of protection against hurricanes, flying debris, tornadoes, strong winds, and other destructive storms.

3. Hurricane Rated Storm Panels

These efficient and space-saving panels are versatile and can perfectly fit in all openings and windows of your home. They are more compact than traditional plywood, so it’s a great option if you want more robust material. 

Another good thing about it is its easy installation and storage. Its ridged design makes it a perfect fit for each other once installed. You can either install them from the structure’s interiors or exteriors. 

4. Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows can protect your family and home during storms. Other windows can significantly impact the house structure’s integrity when broken. With hurricane windows, they can resist heavy impacts and damage. 

If damages occur and cracks begin to form, the fragments stay inside the structure, and the shards will stick to the window’s interlayer ad remain within the frame. However, if you have an older home with wooden windows or siding, you will still need to replace them with something more durable if they break after the storm.

5. Storm Panels

Storm panels are widely known reliable options to keep damage to your home at a minimum because they can offer full coverage for your doors and windows. You can have peace of mind whenever it gets stormy because these panels have unmatched security. 

The panels can be locked securely to prevent the elements from entering your house. They can also reduce the uplift pressure from your roof’s insides. Lastly, they can be stacked up using a small storage space when not in use.

6. Fabric Storm Panels

These panels are solid and synthetic, such as Kevlar and polyvinyl chloride-coated fabric. They are a convenient option because they are lightweight with extreme durability compared to plywood.

Moreover, these panels are projectile, wind, rain, and storm-resistant. Usually, they can match the protection steel can offer while keeping the weather turbulence away and maintaining the entrance of light and air.

7. Impact Windows

Impact windows are undeniably the most convenient solution because they are seamless, and you can use them to replace your old and current windows. They are a great replacement because they are built to withstand debris and strong winds. 

You can count on them even when hurricane season is out because they offer everyday security and protection. They are energy-saving options because they create a barrier between the outdoors and your home to ensure you won’t miss out on cool air during the hot season. 

8. Colonial Shutter

Colonial shutters are durable with the traditional look of standard shutters, and they are better than traditional ones because they offer modern secure storm safety technology. These shutters have hinges on the sides to have a clear outside view. 

Additionally, they can be closed and locked in place when preparing for a storm. What makes them stand out is their perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. They add style to your home while ensuring security from lousy weather yet to come. 

Choose the Best Storm Protection

The best type of protection for your home depends on several factors, including your budget, location, style, and climate. However, if you want your home protected for many years, you should visit Muhler. Our team can help you transform your home into a secure place.

We are the leading provider of windows, shutters, doors, and many others. Our goal is to improve your home by giving choices that fit your needs, preferences, and expectations. Visit our site today to learn more about what we offer!


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