Sunroom Ideas And Styles

Oct 1, 2021 | Blog

Sunroom Ideas And Styles

A sunroom could be a great addition to your home, granting you more space to relax. When built smartly, a sunroom can be quite a cheap yet functional extension of a home. One of the best things about sunrooms is to customize them according to your needs and preferences. You can always go for custom windows to optimize the ambiance and the aesthetic appeal of your sunroom. However, not everyone is an architect.

If you are looking forward to having a sunroom built, hiring a reputed company would be the best option for you. At Muhler, we happen to be one of the best sunroom designers in the region. Our team can help you build a custom sunroom for your home. In case you have been wondering, “Where can I find a window replacement near me?” rest assured that we have your needs covered.

How do you plan a sunroom?

Being a highly customizable part of the house, a sunroom allows you to design it in every way you wish. You could incorporate just about any idea to make your sunroom unique and personalized. Here are a few tips on how to style a sunroom:

  1. Custom skylights

Every home is different, and a skylight that works very well in another home may not suit yours. However, you could install custom windows and skylights for the best results. Professionals would take careful measurements and design the skylight accordingly. These skylights would keep the sunroom illuminated from every angle on bright days. Custom skylights also look great as they are designed to blend well with the design of the room.

  1. Integration with the home

The sunroom should not look like an extra addition to your home. Instead, there should be a thoughtful integration and flow of the design. A matching color pattern that moves from the sunroom to the main house could make this possible easily. You could also achieve this using an exposed structural beam to collect the areas.

  1. Exterior design

The exterior design of the sunroom should not hamper the aesthetics and the curb appeal of the property in any way. Like the interiors, the sunroom exterior should look like a continuation of the rest of the property. To do this, you may use similar shingles for the roof, connect the gutters and match the colors. Matching the house windows with those of the sunroom would also help make the sunroom look like a part of the house.

  1. Maximum glass

Glass walls can give your sunroom an elegant and stunning look. Most importantly, however, it helps the sunroom serve its purpose better. The purpose of having a sunroom is to enjoy a bright sunny ambiance indoors. The more glass you use for the walls and the roof, the more sunlight will enter the room. A reputed home window replacement company might be able to help you with this.

  1. Furnishing

Many homeowners make the mistake of using outdoor furniture in the sunroom. However, although the sunroom helps you enjoy the sunny ambiance, it is a part of your home. It is best to stick to indoor furnishing for your sunroom. Wood would be a highly preferred choice of furnishing material over plastic.

How do you style a sunroom?

Building a sunroom that offers a comfortable, relaxing, and refreshing ambiance also requires you to pay attention to making it stylish. Thoughtfully crafting your sunroom would ensure maximum utility and unique aesthetics. You may follow these tips while styling your sunroom.

  1. Use white paint

A sunroom should be as bright as possible with natural light. Now, it is a well-known fact that white surfaces reflect the most amount of light. Painting the interiors of your sunroom in white would make the room much brighter. If you do not wish to paint it white, try to use a light color as close to white as possible.

  1. Create a cozy corner

A sunroom is primarily a place to relax. Hence, you would want to put some effort into building a cozy corner. You could install Bahama shutters in strategic positions and lay down sofas or other pieces of furniture near the window. Therefore, you would have a warm and comfortable place to sit and enjoy the warm sunshine.

  1. Add plants

One of the best ways to spruce up an indoor space is to add plants to your home. Look for plants that help to create a lively ambiance and place them in your sunroom. Besides beautifully filling space, plants also filter the air in the sunroom and create a healthy environment. Look for plants that offer colorful blooms and thrive well under plenty of sunlight.

Following these tips would help you build and design a sunroom that looks great and offers a fantastic ambiance. If in doubt, you could always consult a leading replacement windows company that offers sunroom design services.

How to get professional help in designing a sunroom?

Building a beautiful and highly functional sunroom can be a complicated task. If you do not have much experience in architecture and interior décor, you could end up ruining the sunroom. For instance, you could easily install the wrong vinyl windows, reduce the sunlight entering the room, restrict the views, and hamper aesthetic appeal.

The safest way to get the job done is to hire a reputed professional company for the project.  At Muhler, we are one of the best companies for replacement doors and windows in Charleston. Our professionals excel at building beautiful enclosures and sunrooms, thanks to the years of experience that they have gained. We always adhere to the building codes in the region, which implies that you would not have to worry about any legal hurdles.

Our team would carefully design a custom sunroom for you based on your tastes, preferences, and requirements. Besides quality workmanship, you may also expect a professional approach and high-grade products. We could even provide you with supplementary systems to heat or cool the sunrooms if needed. Our expertise and track record in such projects essentially makes us one of the best companies for the job. Please fill up this form or give us a call at 843-572-9727 to get in touch.


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