11 Advantages of Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

Nov 1, 2022 | Sunroom

If you want to find a simple way to add value to your home, consider adding a sunroom. A sunroom can be an excellent space for entertaining and relaxing, but it also has many other advantages that make it worth the investment. Here are some of them:

1. Potentially Reduce Your Electric Bill

You’ll save money on your electric bill. Sunrooms are naturally lit, so you won’t have to turn on the lights in a sunroom. If your home has an open floor plan and a lot of windows, then it’s likely that there are several places where natural lighting can enter through those windows and provide enough light—and therefore warmth—to keep your home cozy during winter months. 

In addition, many people enjoy spending time outside by their pool or patio in the summertime. This provides more than enough natural sunlight for them (and their pets) without having to rely on artificial sources like electric heating systems or air conditioning units that use fossil fuels as fuel sources!

2. More Space to Entertain 

A bonus of adding a sunroom is more space to entertain. You can use it for parties, family gatherings, and other events, and this will allow you to invite others over more often than if your house were just one story tall and had no additional rooms above the garage.

3. Increases the Value of Your Home 

Adding a sunroom to your home can increase the value of your property. Homeowners who add a sunroom often report an increase in their property’s market value. This is because buyers choose homes with more than one bathroom and bedroom, which means they also look at larger spaces.

Including a sunroom in your home means you may be able to sell it for more money than if you had only one bathroom and bedroom on the same floor level. Plus, adding this extra space will allow people who want to buy your house because of its size or location—and not just for its square footage—to take advantage of all that space!

4. Great Place to Grow Plants 

You can grow plants that you wouldn’t be able to grow in your house. It is challenging to keep plants alive during the winter months if you don’t have a sunroom. A sunroom is an excellent place for year-round gardening, allowing you to take advantage of any season and enjoy the benefits of fresh produce all year round!

5. A Place to Spend Time with Family 

A sunroom is an excellent place to spend time with your family. It’s a place where children can play and a perfect spot for reading or watching TV. In addition, the additional space will allow you to host gatherings more often than before—a great way of introducing new people into your life!

6. Boost Mood and Energy Levels

There are several ways that a sunroom can increase your mood and energy level:

  • Vitamin D Production: 

Sunlight contains the lightest form of vitamin D, produced by the skin’s exposure to ultraviolet light. When you spend time in the morning or evening outdoors, you will naturallyhavee more vitamin D than when you spend your time indoors because sun exposure increases melatonin levels in our bodies. 

This hormone helps regulate sleep patterns and has many other health benefits, including improved brain function, stronger bones and muscles, and lowered risk of cancer and heart disease—all thanks to sunlight!

  • Serotonin Production: 

Another benefit of spending time outside is increased serotonin production (a neurotransmitter). Serotonin plays a vital role in regulating our emotions; thus, having more serotonin makes us feel happier or less stressed out overall!

7. Extra Room for Hobbies 

A sunroom can also be used as an extra room for hobbies, such as a home office, playroom, and nursery. You could even use it as a guest bedroom!

If you have kids or pets, this is especially important. Some people prefer to keep their pets inside because they don’t want them running outside when they’re not home. But if you have tiny pets, you’ll probably want an enclosed space where they can be kept safe.

 You do not have to worry about them escaping from their crates or kennels every time sirens wail in the distance.

8. A Clean Way to Add Natural Light 

The sunroom can be used to provide natural lighting. A sunroom is a perfect way to introduce sunlight to your home, giving you more options for creating an indoor environment that feels like nature. If you have a large enough space and are willing to work, adding a sunroom can help provide natural light for both day and night.

If you do not have any windows in your house but want more sunshine during the day and even at night when it isn’t much else happening inside (such as watching TV or doing homework), adding one of these rooms would be perfect!

9. Indoor/Outdoor Living Experience 

A sunroom is a refreshing place to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the house. You can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine but also control when you want to be outside (and who might be there with you) by keeping your windows closed or open as desired. This provides privacy, comfort, and control over how much light enters.

With an indoor/outdoor living experience like this, it’s easier for homeowners to incorporate entertaining in their homes without having to worry about guests being out in the elements all summer long!

10. Additional Decorating Options 

Adding a sunroom to your space can be an excellent way to get more space, but it’s not just about the extra square footage. A sunroom also gives you access to some of the same decorating options as other rooms in your home. 

In addition, they’re often used as an extension of the living space and can be decorated just like any other room in your house with different furniture, rugs, and wall art pieces.

11. Extra Space Added Luxury

Adding a sunroom at home is an excellent way to open up the space. You can now use the extra room for entertaining and relaxing without having to make sacrifices in other areas of your home.

In addition, you’ll have more options when it comes to decorating as well. For instance, if you want to add some extra seating or shelving units to your sunroom, there’s no need for significant renovations—you need some new furniture! 

And because it’s not attached directly to another structure (like an attic), all of these changes will go unnoticed after they’re completed—and, therefore, won’t interrupt any current flow within the rest of the living quarters.


Sunrooms can be an excellent addition to your home. Not only do they add value and functionality, but they also make you feel better about the place you live. Having a space like this which gives you access to sunlight all day long, can be very relaxing and soothing. You might even enjoy doing some work here or reading while sitting on one of those comfortable chairs with it!

If you’re looking for a competent company to trust with your home sunroom installation, you can visit Muhler.com to see some of our services. We understand that your home is where you live and your investment, and that’s why we take pride in our artistry and will always go above and beyond to ensure your project is completed on time without any issues or problems.

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