How To Keep Your Windows In Top Condition This Winter

Dec 1, 2020 | Window Replacement

How To Keep Your Windows In Top Condition This Winter

Windows are a hugely important part of your home. They provide natural light, security, and play an integral role in keeping your home warm and dry.

Caring for your windows properly will ultimately save you money both in terms of the energy efficiency of your home and the cost of having to replace windows due to a lack of maintenance.

As experts in window repair and replacement, we understand the importance of taking fantastic care of them. Here are some of the top ways to keep your windows snug and secure this winter.

Keep Your Windows Clean

Cleaning is a vital part of window maintenance. It is also vital for ensuring that you get the full amount of sunlight into your home – always crucial during the winter months when we need all the vitamin D we can get.

You can clean your vinyl windows as and when you need to. Make sure you clean inside and out to avoid wear on the frame and any build-ups of dust or condensation. Cleaning the glass with good quality window cleaner will help keep the glass in good condition and prevent scratching and discoloration.

After any storms or snow always clear away any debris from around your windows and keep the ledge clear. This approach can prevent any water damage or build on the outside of your house windows.

Suppose you’re worried about getting up a ladder to clean your upstairs windows. In that case, it might be worth enlisting the services of a professional window cleaning professional for your peace of mind.

Check For Any Damage

Make it a habit to check for any damage to your windows, both inside and out. You can do this when you are cleaning your windows. Make sure that all of your windows open easily, as a window that sticks in place can be an indication that there is some underlying issue. It also means that the window cannot function as an emergency exit. Check for any cracks in the frames, which can be caused when the frames expand in the hotter months. Use your hand to see if you can feel any drafts which can mean you have a crack or gap in the frame.

If you do have any concerns replacing your windows may be necessary. Don’t be tempted to put this off and save the money as you will likely end up losing out with higher energy bills if your windows aren’t doing their job. Having quality, working windows over the cold months is hugely important for both keeping you warm and ensuring the structural integrity of your home.

Use Sealant 

If you locate a leak or draft in your window, you must seal it if you want your home to be warm and energy-efficient this winter. Use caulk to seal any problem areas as you find them. Having a supply of caulk at home is essential, particularly over the winter months. It is easy to use and can make a massive difference in the warmth of your home, and keep your windows operating at their very best for years to come.

If your existing sealant is running thin, then it just as essential to reseal it. This can prevent moisture and drafts from getting through poor sealing. Gently remove as much of the old caulking as you can and replace it with a fresh layer, ensuring you seal all the way around and not miss any areas.

Keep An Eye On The Weather

If it is raining or windy, make sure all of your windows are closed. This helps them do their job in keeping your house safe and dry but also ensures that there is no unnecessary strain put on them. Also, any rain getting into the mechanisms and sealant can cause severe issues along the road.

It is equally important never to leave your windows closed for too long. While this may feel counterintuitive during the cold months, it is essential to open your windows at regular intervals over the winter to prevent sticks and warping, which will become a much bigger problem over the summer.

Storm Safety

Consider whether your current windows are up to the job of protecting you from storms and harsh weather. If you have not updated your windows in a while, it is worth seeing what kind of storm protection is available. The right storm windows and shutters can make all the difference. After all, preparation is vital when it comes to protecting against storm damage.

If you are unsure, it could be worth arranging a free consultation to ensure you have the best protection possible for you, your family, and your belongings.

Consider Installing Shutters

Shutters are a great way to keep adverse weather from affecting your home. They provide excellent extra protection for your windows and are a must for protecting against storms, where high wind and debris can damage your windows. They also help to insulate your home over the colder months.

Hurricane shutters are a great way to improve the overall look of your home and add character to your home. There is a wide range available from storm protection technology to hurricane-rated protection.

Additional Protection

Over the colder months, it may be worth investing in additional insulation like window film. Window film is great for keeping warm in the winter and also is great for cooling your home over summer, so this is an investment that can offer excellent results all year round.

Losing heat through your windows is one of the leading causes of energy inefficiency. You can also get window films that are designed for reinforcing your windows which can be excellent protection in the stormier months, and prevent shattering in high winds. Window films are a great way to ensure that you still get sunshine in your home while keeping you warm and protected.

Good drapes and blinds are also a great way to keep your home energy efficient over the winter, and they help to trap in warmth and keep out the cold. These are an excellent complement to great quality windows.


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