What are the Best Windows for a Sunroom?

Oct 1, 2022 | Blog

What are the Best Windows for a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a fantastic addition to any home and can add genuine value to a property. The main factor to consider for any sunroom is the windows. That’s because the windows alone make up around three-quarters of the entire space.

There are plenty of options to consider when you’re thinking of either building a new sunroom or replacing the windows in your existing one. You have the freedom to customize your choices to get the perfect fit for you and your home. However, there are three main factors to consider when looking at your sunroom house windows in Charleston, SC. If you’re not sure what kind of factors to consider, here are the key areas to give some thought to.

Energy Efficiency Considerations

You might start initially thinking about your sunroom windows’ frames, but it’s important to decide on the type of glass you need first. In these greener times, homeowners and buyers have a very focused eye on energy reduction benefits. For lower utility bills, choosing the right type of glass is vital. Your sunroom windows are such a big part of the room that making a mistake at this stage could ruin the finished design. The three main glass types that you should look at are:

  • Single-glazed: While these often have a more traditional feel to them, they are not ideal for energy efficiency. They provide very little in the way of insulation and almost no protection from harmful UV rays. That means that you’ll be limited in the amount of time that you get to spend in your sunroom.
  • Double-glazed: Perhaps the most common type of glass for any window in a family home, double-glazing, means two panes of glass instead of one. Between those two panes, you will find a space filled with gas or air. This provides a huge boost in insulation and can save you a significant portion of your heating bill.
  • Triple- glazed: By far, the most expensive option, triple-glazing, gives you maximum energy efficiency. That means that paying the higher cost means that they will pay for themselves much more quickly.

When it comes to glass, you should also give some thought to safety. Ideally, it would help if you were looking for tempered glass, as this is designed to crumble rather than shatter into shards when there’s a break.

Don’t forget that while you might simply be thinking of how you’ll be using your sunroom in the peak of summer, you can also get a lot of joy from it in the winter as well. In Charleston, we have some stunning winter views, and if you get the right glass in your sunroom, you’ll be able to sit back and relax with a hot chocolate (or brandy) and enjoy the snowfall without feeling the chill.

Window Operation

Once you have decided on your type of glass, you need to start thinking about the operation of them. When it comes to sunrooms, every factor needs to be thought about, and that doesn’t just include how your windows open. It would help if you also thought about the interior and exterior doors, so chat with local experts about the best sunroom doors in Charleston, SC. There are four basic designs for your window operation to choose from, although you can often mix, match, and customize to your heart’s content.

  • Hinged Windows: You can choose from casement hinged windows or awning style. There are two noticeable differences in these two different hinge designs. Awning windows in a sunroom have hinges at the top, making it easy to prevent rain from getting inside while also allowing warm summer air to escape. Casement windows are a popular choice largely because they allow you to have plenty of fresh air blowing through your sunroom, and thanks to their lower hinges are easy to open and close.
  • Sliding Windows: These can be very energy efficient, and you’re going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to the design options available. They come in a huge number of styles and colors, meaning that you are more easily able to match your sunroom design to the rest of your home’s aesthetic. Of course, the main benefit of sliding windows is that you get to make more efficient use of your space. You could even opt for sliding doors in Charleston, SC, for maximum spatial efficiency.
  • Bay/Bow Windows: The best thing about these window types isn’t that you get a much more expansive view (although that helps). Rather, you may want to look at bay or bow windows if you want to extend your sunroom a little more and give your family somewhere sedate to sit and relax.
  • Fixed Windows: Obviously, you want to be able to open the majority of your sunroom house windows, but for those situated at the top of the room, you might want to consider a few fixed ones as well.

There are other design options to choose from, but you will find that these four should be your first choice for your sunroom windows.

Material Options

Once you have decided on your glass and design choices, your material is the final thing to think about. Ideally, you want to choose from vinyl, wood, or aluminum.

Here in Charleston, we are prone to high humidity during the summer, so Charleston, SC vinyl windows are often highly recommended. That’s because it is more resilient against humidity than other materials. Not only that, but they are low-maintenance as well, and when you consider the higher price that you pay for wooden frames, it’s no wonder that vinyl is the go-to option. Of course, wood has its advantages as well. It looks good, and it allows you to paint your frames as the whims take you and the seasons or interior design trends change. No matter what option you decide on, remember that you can always install some quality Bahama shutters in Charleston, SC, so that you have far greater control over your sun glare and your privacy.

A sunroom in South Carolina is a popular addition to a home. Take your time to get the details right, and you could be enjoying the spectacular views no matter the time of year. Talk to professional suppliers of windows, doors, and shutters in Charleston, SC, and you will end up with a room that is functional, practical, and ideal for relaxing on your own or for spending quality time with your loved ones.


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