How To Keep Your Doors Clean All Year Round

Mar 1, 2021 | Doors and Windows

How To Keep Your Doors Clean All Year Round

The doors to any property are the first portal for any guest. As such, you should try to keep your doors clean and presentable.

While windows are a crucial part of most homeowner’s cleaning schedules, they often overlook their doors and don’t clean them as often or as thoroughly.

If you don’t keep your doors clean and neat, then they will let down the rest of your property. Cleaning your doors is particularly important for homeowners who want to sell their property.

Curb appeal, or the first impression, plays a significant role in getting potential buyers interested in your property. A dirty or poorly cared for front door could put viewers off your home and make them uninterested in making an offer.

Keeping your doors looking pristine might be difficult, particularly when the weather is bad or if your door gets a lot of use.

In South Carolina, the weather is unpredictable, and we face many storms and a lot of rain and wind. Lousy weather, notably rain, sleet and snow, can make your home’s doors look dirty and grim.

As Muhler offers a range of windows and doors for homeowners and contractors, we know all about how to keep them clean and looking presentable, no matter what the weather.

For some innovative tips to keep your home’s doors clean, neat and inviting, keep reading. We’ve got a range of practical ways that you can make your doors look good as new throughout the year.

Work Door Cleaning Into Your Regular Schedule

Most homeowners have a regular cleaning schedule. That schedule might include vacuuming, wiping down appliances, cleaning your windows and more.

One part of your cleaning regime that you should never overlook is cleaning your home’s doors. If you include door cleaning in your cleaning schedule, then you’ll never forget about it, and you’ll always have clean, welcoming entryways.

Doors might not need to be cleaned as often as other parts of your home, such as your carpets and soft furnishings. Despite this, you still need to make sure that you clean your doors on a regular basis.

Include your doors in your weekly or monthly schedule so that you know that they will be cleaned regularly and will look welcoming throughout the year.

Choose The Right Cleaning Products

Many doors are made from a variety of materials. Some might have a small vinyl window in the top for guests to peer in, while others might be made from wood.

That means that you need to find the right cleaning products for each part of your door. If you already use a glass cleaner, then you can use this product to clean the glass on your home’s door.

If you need to buy new cleaning products for some, or all, of your door, then you need to make sure that you read reviews to find the best solutions on the market currently.

Remove Dust And Dirt From Your Doors

Before you start cleaning your doors and using products, you need to get rid of any dirt, dust or general grime from the surface of your door.

The best approach to removing dirt from your door is to use a damp cloth, particularly if you have a Perspex door. If you have a wooden door, then a dry cloth will work well to remove the dirt and dust.

For stubborn dirt and marks, you can buff the door with a mild scourer rather than a soft cloth so that you can remove the mark.

Maintain Your Door Correctly

As well as wiping your doors clean and getting rid of dirt, it would help if you also considered maintaining your doors properly to keep them looking pristine.

For example, if your doors are painted, and the surface is peeling away, then you should consider repainting them and making them look fresh and tidy.

You should also check the fixtures on your doors, such as the knocker and the handle, as these might need polishing and oiling to stop them from creaking.

By keeping your door well-maintained, you can make sure that your door works correctly and that it looks inviting all over.

Never Overlook Unused Doors

Some properties have doors that are not used often, but that doesn’t mean that you can overlook cleaning them. Cleaning your doors will help them last longer and make your home look more inviting and welcoming to guests.

Additionally, dirty doors that aren’t used regularly can attract burglars, who might think that the property is uninhabited or that the door might not be secure.

That means that you should maintain all of the doors on your home, even if you don’t use them often. Even if they don’t get opened often, your doors could still get dirty thanks to the weather and other factors, such as animals going near them.

Unused doors are not the only solutions that you need to keep clean and well-maintained. It would help if you also thought about the doors on parts of your house that you might usually overlook, such as the sunroom.

Sunroom doors might look like windows, but they still need to be cleaned and maintained. It would be best if you never overlooked these doors, as well as garage doors and other doors to outbuildings that you might not remember in your usual cleaning regime.

Replace Old And Worn Doors

Old doors that have seen a lot of wear and tear might need replacing. If your doors are old and don’t have the latest security features, then consider replacing them.

Muhler can advise you on the best modern doors so that you get quality new doors that will keep your home safe, secure and smart.

As well as standard doors, we also offer replacement windows and a wide range of products that come with storm trim so that you can keep your property safe in the event of a storm.

Contact us, and we’ll be able to help you to choose the perfect new house windows and doors for your property and get them installed by a professional quickly and efficiently.


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